World's oldest person turns 116 this week, shares her 'secrets'

World's Oldest Person Turns 116
World's Oldest Person Turns 116

We're wishing a very happy birthday to the oldest person in the world this week. Want to follow in her footsteps? Luckily, she's revealed her recipe for longevity.

Misao Okawa is turning 116 on Wednesday - an incredible milestone. The year she was born, Queen Victoria was still on the throne, the Spanish American war was well underway and the Boston Marathon was in its 2nd year.

So what's her secret? It's pretty simple, really.

The Japanese native told The Telegraph: "Eat and sleep and you will live a long time. You have to learn to relax."

Okawa says she eats three large meals a day, and sleeps at least eight hours a night. Her favorite meal is sushi and she's reportedly never had a major illness in her life. Talk about good health!

When asked about her happiest moments, she said it was when she got married in 1919 and when she gave birth to her three children.