Woman desperately searching for dog gets threats

Woman Desperately Searching for Dog Gets Threats
Woman Desperately Searching for Dog Gets Threats

Residents in one Washington, D.C., neighborhood say a woman has gone too far in her nearly four-month search for her lost dog, Havoc. HLN has more.

'A woman who spent $15,000 trying to find her lost dog is getting threatening calls from people saying enough is enough. The dogs owner says she is not giving up. She started a Facebook page and hired a dog-tracking company as well.'

That owner's name is Janet Mihalyfi, WJLA reports many of her posters showing Havoc have been popping up everywhere. Though neighbors want her to find her dog, they are getting sick of seeing the signs everywhere.

On top of all those signs, several posts about Havoc have been published online. This story from Patch was posted back in December - about a month after he first disappeared.

Mihalyfi even started a website dedicated to finding Havoc. On BringHavocHome.com, an infographic pinpoints the latest sightings of Mihalyfi's missing dog. According to the website, the most recent sighting was almost two months ago.

Mihalyfi told WJLA the signs have been the most helpful in getting her information about Havoc's whereabouts. She even grills outside in hopes the scent will bring Havoc back, HLN reports.

Mihalyfi says she doesn't have any plans to stop looking for her dog.