We're more honest in the morning, new study suggests

We're More Honest in the Morning, New Study Suggests
We're More Honest in the Morning, New Study Suggests

The best part of waking up is ... knowing your morals are at their peak for the day! "Fox & Friends" has more: 'You may want to think twice before trusting someone after lunch. A new study suggesting that people are more honest in the morning than in the afternoon.'

So, is it that first cup of coffee that keeps us honest in the morning? HLN has the explanation: 'Researchers say that as our energy drains throughout the day we lose some self control, we become less ethical, and we're more likely to lie.'

327 people participated in studies at Harvard and the University of Utah. The men and women were assigned tasks that could measure cheating and even lying.

According to Scientific American, people who participated in a study in which they tried to solve some math problems were told that if they got questions right, they would get five cents for each problem. The study found that those who did it in the afternoon cheated more often.

Scientific American also reports the study hints that sleep is crucial for rebuilding moral muscle. So get a good night's rest, and remember -- some ethical decisions can wait until morning.