Python enters woman's home, seeks shelter in loudspeaker

Python Wanders in Woman's Home, Seeks Shelter in Loudspeaker

A woman in Stockholm spotted a python creeping across the floor of her apartment. Then, right before cops arrived at the home, the python managed to crawl into the woman's loudspeakers.

Officers were unable to coax it away from the loudspeaker, so they asked for advice from local zookeepers, lest they hurt the snake in the removal process.

The cops were advised to place the loudspeaker in a bag and transport it to a local animal park and zoo. They did just that, and the park's managing director detailed the process, stating, "we decided to offer the snake a dead, delicious mouse. It poked its head out and we grabbed it."

The snake was determined to be a non-venomous Australian carpet python.

Authorities suspect the snake escaped from its human owner and wandered into the woman's home.
The python was placed into the custody of zookeepers.

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