Photo of baby holding rifle ignites fury on Facebook

Photo of Baby Holding Rifle Ignites Fury on Facebook
Photo of Baby Holding Rifle Ignites Fury on Facebook

A Connecticut dad is getting a lot of heat for letting his 6-month-old pose with a rifle.

Baby holding gun
Baby holding gun

The photo shows little Genevieve Duffy holding a bolt-action rifle at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post. According to The Blaze, dad Chris Duffy snapped the pic after Genevieve tugged on the gun when he was testing it for weight.

After Duffy posted it to his personal Facebook page, the Woodbridge gun shop shared it on its own page. Within a matter of days, the post had gotten a lot of attention.

Reactions are mixed, with some saying it's terrible parenting, but others asking ... what's the big deal?

The Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post has since deleted the post. The gun shop thanked its new supporters and wrote on its Facebook page:

'Pics have been taken down because the families asked them to be removed. We support teaching young people to shoot and would NEVER put anyone's life at risk. Feel free to share photos and comments. If I post something and it offends you...don't cry to me. Call your mom.'

Following the photo post, people took to Facebook to share their opinion.

One user wrote on WTNH's page,'Do we have to expose our children to guns ? If you want to do something with your child go to a museum etc. Let's keep them innocent for as long as we can please.'

And another posted a photo of her own daughter holding a gun - getting more than 25 'likes.'

Duffy has since responded to angry commenters by saying it was all in good, safe fun.