Live reporter pummeled by snow after plow goes by

Live Reporter Pummeled by Snow After Plow Goes by
Live Reporter Pummeled by Snow After Plow Goes by

This is the thing about live TV: everything is caught on camera. The good, the bad, the snow plow knocking over a reporter ...

'A Fox Philadelphia reporter, our friend Steve Keeley nearly gets knocked down by a wave of snow on live TV. Like a pro, he just kept on talking,' Fox & Friends reported.

WTXF reporter Keeley handled it like a true champ. Keeley was reporting on how much snow was on the roads and mentioned that in rural areas, there were no buildings to block the snow from blowing back onto the roads. Later in the show, one reporter brought up the plow moment again:

'Are you gonna be okay after you got a boo boo earlier?'
'No boo boos at all, Jen.'

Keeley himself even joked about the incident on Twitter, writing a note about ... cows?

'From plows to cows ... they're just kicking snow on us not throwing a ton at us at 50 MPH'

Keeley can take a pile of snow to the face and still have a sense of humor about the whole thing -- sounds like a real professional to us!