Highest paid interns making $7,000 a month

Highest Paid Interns Making $7,000 a Month
Highest Paid Interns Making $7,000 a Month

Imagine getting paid more than $7,000 a month ... as an intern. HLN reports it's a reality for a lucky few.

"Software company Palantir is at the top, paying its interns just over, get this, $7,000 per month. And Twitter, well it ranks number three at more than $6,700."

Job site Glassdoor published the information Friday and says if you want a better shot at landing one of those high-paying internships, you might want to move to the San Francisco area.

In fact, 18 out of the top 25 highest paying internships are at companies based in the Bay Area. And 19 of those top companies are in the tech field.

CNN points out some of the other tech companies ranking high on the list include LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, Adobe and Intel. Some interns at those high-paying companies could make more than $80,000 a year - and that's before getting a job.

Even the lowest paying company on the list gives its interns a pretty penny. Oilfield services company Schlumberger pays its interns more than $4,600 a month. So, maybe start working on that resume of yours.