Disco Zoo Cheats And Tips For iPhone And iPad

Players who like management games and love animals will get a kick out of Disco Zoo, the latest from NimbleBit - the same team behind Tiny Death Star. In it, you have zoo management at its finest, as you set off to rescue animals and add them to your location. From there, you'll earn money, which means expansion with even more animals and faster vehicles.

Here are some tips to help you collect more animals and money.

How do I collect animals in Disco Zoo?

You'll need to set off in your aerial vehicle and fly out to collect animals. You do this by playing a guessing game on a grid of about 15 squares, with a certain number of guesses to uncover animal tiles. From there, you need to uncover all connecting animal tiles - usually 3 to 5 - to capture the animal and add it to your zoo.

They vary in size. A small rabbit, for example, will be a long four pieces across, while a stout pig will be four pieces stacked together, in a 2-on-2 fashion. It's important to keep these formations in mind, because you won't collect the animals unless all their squares are uncovered.

If you miss a round or you just want to try again, you can pay approximately 120 coins - more in later stages, but that's where it starts - to have another go. Once you run out of coins, however, you'll have to add more.

All the animals you collect are then added to your zoo in their own specialty pens, which you can access by swiping your finger on the screen. It's relatively easy to manage.

How do I collect money in Disco Zoo?

With each animal you collect, you'll get a better draw from the crowd, who wander around and drop money randomly. Once it's dropped, tap on the coins to pick them up.

At first, the money won't be much, but as you add more animals, the payout will increase and you'll clean up. Keep a close eye on all sections of your zoo, and listen for "clink" noises to indicate when to chase after the money.

How do I improve my collection chances in Disco Zoo?

It's a matter of upgrading. As you proceed through the game, you'll be able to use Discobux to purchase better flying vehicles, thus increasing your chance of finding animals. You can also expand your attempts meter so you can uncover more squares in a round, instead of just the limited number of tries.

You'll start out with a few Discobux at the beginning, but if you really want to get better right away, you may need to pay for more using real cash via in-app purchase.

How do I care for the animals in Disco Zoo?

Usually, they keep to themselves, so you don't have to worry about feeding them or anything like that. However, they will fall asleep, so you'll either need to tap on the screen to wake them back up, or play a Disco Party to keep them jumping around. Sleeping animals don't earn nearly as much, so keep a close eye on their sleep meters on the bottom of the screen.

How does the Disco Party work in Disco Zoo?

Once you have enough animals and Discobux collected, you can start up a Disco party that increases the cash flow from customers due to the lightened-up atmosphere. You can only throw these parties so often, but they really pay off, so hold them whenever possible. Don't forget to collect the coins during this time as well.

Do I have to pay for anything in Disco Zoo?

It depends on your addiction level. If you really want to keep paying, you can buy coins and Discobux separately.

Coins are available for $9.99 for 100,000, and Discobux range anywhere from $0.99 for 10 to $29.99 for 2,000. It depends on what you need.

You can get through a good part of the game without spending money, but if you're a zoo fanatic, consider investing.

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