'TODAY' anchors get Photoshopped

Thursday's 'Love Your Selfie' segment on 'TODAY' highlighted the topic of photoshopping.

The anchors even named features they wish they could magically change on a computer.

Anchor Natalie Morales said, 'My tummy. If I could sort of fix something, that would be it.'

Savannah Guthrie chimed in too: 'I'd make my arms thinner.'

So with a little help from Cosmopolitan's editor-in-chief Joanna Coles and her team, the photoshop magic began.

'Today' Anchors Admit They Don't Mind a Little Retouching
'Today' Anchors Admit They Don't Mind a Little Retouching

On air, 'TODAY' showed the before shot then the retouched one.

While the 'TODAY' anchors admitted it is nice to see some of those wrinkles magically disappear, they, and likely many of their viewers, agree that loving yourself as you are is the best way to go.

And 'TODAY' isn't alone in encouraging self-acceptance.

Dove has also been inviting Twitter users to Love Their Selfies, asking people to tag their photos with the hashtag #BeautyIs.

One viewer posted her bare-makeup photo to Instagram, writing:

'Well, here goes...to join in the Dove Campaign...and try to be brave!'