Yes, you really can be allergic to the cold

Yes, You Really Can Be Allergic to the Cold
Yes, You Really Can Be Allergic to the Cold

We're constantly hearing about people being allergic to things like peanuts and shellfish, but how often do we learn that someone is allergic to cold temperatures? Nope, we're not making that up. HLN says it's a real allergy.

'People who have this apparently get itchy hives when they're in the cold and they even swell up just drinking something cold, like iced coffee.'

The allergy is known as cold urticaria, and the Mayo Clinic says people with the condition can experience hives, swelling of the limbs, and even have their throats close up when their skin is exposed to temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Two years ago, USA Today profiled Grant Schlager, a 12-year-old boy from Minnesota who has the condition.

The publication reports that after being outside for 15 minutes, Grant's parents check his body for bumps - and sometimes it's too risky to even swim in a pool. Grant takes antihistamines twice a day and carries around an EpiPen.

Woman's Day put together a list of the ten most highly unusual allergies, and cold did make the list.

Although this might sound like the perfect excuse to get out of work or school, HLN says - not so fast. Only about 100,000 people in the world have the cold allergy, and it's nothing to wish upon yourself.

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