Why Winning Another Oscar Would Be Bad News For JLaw

Why Winning Another Oscar Would Be Bad News For JLaw
Why Winning Another Oscar Would Be Bad News For JLaw

When Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress, that adorable, self-deprecating moment when she tripped embodied what she'd become: America's hilarious and awkward sweetheart. Sunday, she's up for Best Supporting Actress ... but a win might not play so well.

Let's also recall last year's Best Supporting Actress winner - Anne Hathaway. Months of backlash preceded - and when she won, the headlines were about how she'd picked an ugly dress and annoyed with her speech- not her acting accomplishment.

Hathaway was once beloved with hit movies like "The Princess Diaries" and "The Devil Wears Prada." The tide turned.

Hathaway said things got so bad she had to take a break from public life after her Oscars win.

Some outlets think that Lawrence is running the same risk after well over a year at front and center.

A win Sunday - another Oscar, and so soon - might make things even worse.

Would another endearing speech on the entertainment industry's biggest stage, in front of millions, be the tipping point?

Already, in December, Vulture published a piece accusing the actress of faking her realness: "Lawrence gives off the vibe of a woman annoyed by the endless repetition of a press tour, but she exploits it to perpetuate her status as a movie star that is nonetheless 'real.'"

Salon sliced at her Internet popularity, writing "... a GIF, like the ones of Jennifer Lawrence adorably tripping or goofing off, iterates endlessly; eventually one wants to close the window."

There may be nowhere to go from here but down.

And Lawrence sees it coming- she said in November she worries people will get sick of her.

Last week Harvey Weinstein said she intended to take a year off from acting to get some much-needed rest.

Truly, a loss Sunday might be the perfect exit Lawrence is looking for, and it might give her main competition -- '12 Years a Slave''s rising star Lupita Nyong'O -- the next-level boost she needs.

Even with a break from acting, Lawrence has two more "Hunger Games" movies coming out over the next two years. That means press tours, premieres - she'll still be in the spotlight.

So, an Oscars loss could really be a big win ... and we're sure Jennifer will be fine either way.