Study claims dogs feel no shame

Dogs Have No Shame, Despite Guilty Look: Experts
Dogs Have No Shame, Despite Guilty Look: Experts

If you've ever scolded a dog for doing something it wasn't supposed to and it looked guilty - you know, the head down, ears back, worried eyes - well ... turns out that might all just be an act.

Behaviorists at Texas A&M suggest those puppy dog eyes are just a reaction to what they're owner is yelling at them about and they don't actually know what the big deal is. They simply lack shame and are thinking, "why is this human so upset?"

So all these dogs being shamed online aren't actually aware of the distress they've caused their owners? Well, they still make great photos anyway.

The next time your dog does something to make you crazy, experts suggest you just get over it and next time, don't leave those fuzzy slippers where they might become your pups next chew toy.