Monkeys love to take selfies, too

Monkeys Love to Take Selfies, Too
Monkeys Love to Take Selfies, Too

Turns out it's not just us humans who enjoy taking selfies ... primates like to pose for the camera too!

In Bali, Indonesia, one monkey ran off with a tourist's GoPro camera. In the video posted on YouTube, you can see the moment when the money snatches the camera and sprints away with the $5,000 camera as the dismayed owner shouts, "No, no, no!"

While some are laughing at the wild moment, not everyone believes in the video's authenticity. One user said: "I am so sick of GoPro's fake viral videos. (New account. Telling.) Serendipitous that you mananged (sic) to yell, 'It's a GoPro!' at the end. How stupid does GoPro think people are?"

Still, whether the video is authentic or not, the man whose camera was taken has been documenting his trip to Indonesia on Facebook. He's created an album, complete with the monkey selfie.

The description for the YouTube video explains the monkey managed to also steal the batteries in the camera, but in return, the owner got a pretty cool video. Who wouldn't want a monkey selfie?

Check out the full video here: