Meteorologist got a creepy spider surprise during forecast

WATCH: KBAK Meteorologist Freaks Out Over Spider
WATCH: KBAK Meteorologist Freaks Out Over Spider

A meteorologist for KBAK freaked out on the air because he felt a spider on his head. Aaron Perlman, who has been with the station for almost 10 years, says he hates spiders and -- because he's bald -- he can feel them crawling right on his head. Yikes!

"I think that was a black widow--I saw that one," a co-anchor said. "That just, uh, scares me!," Perlman replied with a shudder.

Viewers visited the station's Facebook page to say they share his arachnophobia, and one woman said she'd been hoping Perlman would let out a "girly" scream on-air.

We're happy Perlman was brave enough to keep on reporting, but maybe KBAK should start sweeping the set for those pesky creatures ... just in case.