Woman receives letter saying she's dead

Woman Receives Letter Saying She's Dead
Woman Receives Letter Saying She's Dead

A woman from Maine found out she had recently passed away. Wait, what? "Fox & Friends" explains what happened.

'This happened to Shirley Beaver. She's a 79-year-old woman from Maine. She got a letter from her insurance company claiming that her prescription drug coverage had been canceled because she's dead.'

'I told my son, I says, 'you've got to come here ... I'm dead.' He says, 'what?' I says, 'I'm dead.' He says, 'how can you be dead when you're here?' ... I've never had good luck in my life anyway,' Beaver said.

The 79-year-old told WGME she's taking care of her two sons while relying on Social Security to make ends meet. Beaver says one of her sons is disabled and the other has suffered four heart attacks and a stroke.

She says she couldn't get her prescription for her heart condition because of the mix-up. "Fox & Friends" reports Beaver's medicine is worth about $1,000 a month.

So, as the Morning Sentinel reports, Beaver and one of her sons took a 22-mile trip to the local Social Security office to straighten things out.

Currently, nothing has been resolved yet, but Beaver told the Morning Sentinel she's praying everything will work itself out.