Teen jailed for 35 days after identity mix-up

Teen Jailed for 35 Days After Identity Mix-Up
Teen Jailed for 35 Days After Identity Mix-Up

"Fox & Friends" says a Florida teen spent 35 days in jail for a crime he didn't commit.

Last year, police arrested Cody Lee Williams for sexual battery. While in jail, he told his mom he thought the police had the wrong person and the suspect was really another Cody Williams who attended the same high school. The police never showed his photo to the victim so she could confirm he was the boy.

Back in 2012, a girl younger than 12 said she'd had sex with a boy named Cody Williams.

Turns out, Cody was right about the mix-up. The arresting officer has been given a 10-day suspension and a demotion.

Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler told The Florida Times-Union Deputy Sheriff Johnny Hawkins, who arrested Cody Lee Williams, did take some shortcuts during his investigation.

Hawkins has been suspended for 10 days and will face a demotion. Cody Raymond Williams has been arrested and will appear in court Monday.