Most outrageous celebrity appearance fees

Most Outrageous Celebrity Appearance Fees
Most Outrageous Celebrity Appearance Fees

If you have the money, these celebs have the time!

Most of us have been carrying on a one-sided romance with celebrities for years. We watch as they tweet and Instagram every moment of their private lives ... and we and love it. But actually being in a celeb's presence? Well, that's going to cost you.

Kim Kardashian reportedly made $500,000 for club appearances during her birthday week, and she usually charges $50,000 on a regular day. Lindsay Lohan was reportedly paid $350,000 to show up at Pure Nightclub in Vegas on her 21st birthday, but she checked into rehab just before the party and had to give it all back.

"Jersey Shore" star The Situation supposedly makes $50,000 to fist pump and flash his abs at pool parties in LA!

Then there are the true A-listers.

Elton John reportedly charges a minimum fee of $1.52 million to show up in his cool shades, and even Cher is willing to pop in on a party for $1.5 million.

Artists don't make as much money from albums anymore so they have to make their money someway, right? Even Vanilla Ice is still at it with a source telling Radar Online that he charges $15,000 to show up at a club.

... But Vanilla's now hawking Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, so maybe those clubs aren't actually calling.

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