The Goldman Sachs elevator Twitter antagonist revealed

With more than 629,000 followers, @GSElevator, the anonymous Twitter account - once thought to be a rogue Goldman Sachs employee - reported on insider things said in the Goldman Sachs elevators for the last three years. According to The New York Times, the tweets "appeal to both Wall Street banks and outsiders who mock the industry." And this last month, the writer of @GSElevator sold a book based on his tweets.

But now, according CNN, "it turns out that the tweets weren't coming from inside Goldman Sachs' elevator. They were coming from Texas." The man behind the tweets is 34-year-old bond executive John Lefevre. The reasoning behind his hijinks? "I went into investment banking and I saw a group of people that aren't as impressive as I thought they were - or as impressive as they thought they were." Lefevre told the Times.

A spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs joked with CNNMoney that "We are pleased to report that the official ban on talking in elevators will be lifted effective immediately."

View some of the tweets that caught that ruffled Goldman Sachs' feathers:

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The Goldman Sachs elevator Twitter antagonist revealed
#1: Guys who mime golf swings in the office never break 100 on the course.
#1: With your Visa card, you can win Super Bowl tickets for life. #2: With my Amex, I can buy Super Bowl tickets for life.
#1: My personality is 30% the last movie I watched.
#1: Music was better when ugly people were allowed to make it.
#1: Liberals vilify Wall Street yet embrace fashion & movie industries. We're not the ones w/ slave labor and casting couches.
#1: It's hard to believe the Italians used to be the Romans.
#1: I just want to be rich enough to not be motivated by money.
#1: 'Work hard, play hard' is the mantra of a drunk who doesn't work that hard.
#1: No one has a lower credit score than the guy posting pictures of himself flashing $100 bills.
#1: Some chick asked me what I would do with 10 million bucks. I told her I'd wonder where the rest of my money went.
#1: You shouldn't retire until your money starts making more money than you made in your best year.
#1: Your place in history depends on what you do for others, not what others do for you. #2: I want a place in East Hampton, not history.
#1: When I hear, 'Got a minute?' I know I'm about to lose a half hour of my life that I can never get back.
#1: Tattoos aren't my thing. That'd be like putting a bumper sticker on a Lamborghini.
#1: Start Breaking Bad. Season 1, Episode 1. #2: Or... Spend the same amount of time and go get a pilots license.
#1: Flowers and an apology are a lot easier than actually changing.
#1: You're not on Facebook? All your high school friends probably assume you're dead. #2: Nah. I'm sure they've Googled me.
#1: People are overly focused on race, when class is much more important.
[At the gym] #1: What machine should I use to impress the girls? #2: The ATM.
#1: I don't read fiction. Unless you count an Indonesian bond offering memorandum.
#1: I'd love to see Snowden wearing a Patriots Super Bowl ring.
#1: In 50 years, no one will watch baseball. It was invented when there was absolutely nothing else to do.
#1: There is an inverse relationship between swag and credit score.
#1: If I wanted to experience The Great Gatsby in 3D, I wouldn't go to the movies.
#1: There are only 2 paths to happiness in life. Stupidity or exceptional wealth.
#1: The Swiss deserve a lot more credit for including a corkscrew in their Army Knife.
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