Humongous 12-foot crocodile closes popular beach

Humongous 12-Foot Crocodile Closes Popular Beach
Humongous 12-Foot Crocodile Closes Popular Beach

The good news is ... it wasn't a shark that closed a popular Australian beach. The bad news? It was a 12-foot crocodile.

"That's not what you wanna see when you're dipping in that water," WFLD anchors said. "Wildlife officials say they're planning right now to track down the animal to try and move it to a new location, which, of course, would be very far away."

Courier-Mail says if caught, the crocodile will likely be brought to the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park.

New York Daily News says the big reptile seemed to be hanging 10 when the photo was snapped Saturday.

And Courier-Mail quoted the photographer behind the amazing photos, Sharon Scoble. She said, "He was a big boy - his head was huge."

Definitely not something we'd want to see when hopping in the water. But, hey, it's better than a shark, right? Okay, maybe not.