How a 'Failed' Service Dog Inspired One Family

How A 'Failed' Service Dog Inspired One Family
How A 'Failed' Service Dog Inspired One Family

An incredible story out of Colorado involves a black lab that was destined to help people -- but not in the way everyone first thought.

This is Pesto. When he was just a pup, he met Kimistry Howard and her two boys, Javary and Javae at a library in Aurora where they go every day. Doctors said Javary would never be able to walk due to a rare spinal disorder and Javae has autism. As a result, he doesn't speak.

After a year of spending time together at the library, Pesto was sent off for service training to become a guide dog. KUSA reports Pesto aced every exam he took, but when it came time to graduate, surprisingly he failed and went back to Aurora.

It's been two years since Pesto made it back to the library where the Kimistry and her boys still go every day. Now, when Javae reads, he does so out loud ... and Javary is actually walking.

Kimistry told KUSA she believes Pesto made a choice not to become a service dog in the end. "It's so beautiful they say he failed," she said. "What I'm convinced is Pesto made a choice."

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