Company behind 'The Good Wife' set puts employees first

Furniture Company Behind 'The Good Wife' Set Puts Employees First
Furniture Company Behind 'The Good Wife' Set Puts Employees First

A partnership that started 25 years ago forged the path for a successful furniture business - so successful, in fact, that their work is featured in almost every scene of a popular television show.

'When the stars of the smash CBS TV series "The Good Wife" settle into their seats on set, it's Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams they've cozied into," "CBS This Morning" reported.

Gold and Williams are so good that the set designer of "The Good Wife" teamed up with them to create this collection of furniture for the set.

The pieces certainly aren't cheap. This design, "Grace's Chair," runs for $975.

The pair told "CBS This Morning" they believe in doing the right thing for their employees.

In an interview with Style at Home, they said they wanted to "see smiling faces at work," so they saved up to install air conditioning in their factory a year after it opened.

This might not sound unusual, but "CBS This Morning" reports that in 1990, the North Carolina furniture company was the first in its area to provide a little cool relief to its employees.

Now, employee perks include an on-site cafe, workout facility and daycare.

Gold and Williams' efforts to create a happy work environment haven't gone unnoticed.

Earlier this month, the duo posted on Facebook about their 25th Anniversary celebration, and the comments that poured in were heartwarming.

If you're a superfan of "The Good Wife," you can buy the set's furniture and feel good about it, too.