Moving hacks you'll definitely want to know

6 Moving Hacks You Need to Know
6 Moving Hacks You Need to Know

There's no way around it: moving is rough. While these hacks won't make it exactly fun, they will make it a bit easier. Read on for some of BuzzFeed's clever tricks.

*Boxes: Use a box cutter to cut out crude "handles" on cardboard boxes. This will make the boxes easier to lift.

*Clothes: Bunch your clothes together (they're so much easier to transport this way) into a trash bag by pulling a trash bag over the clothes. This will keep your clothes and hangers organized.

*Doors: Twist a rubber band over the lock; this will prevent you from getting locked outside while you're moving stuff.

*Necklaces: Slide one side of the necklace into a toilet paper tube and clasp the necklace. Say goodbye to tangled necklaces!

*Plates: Place disposable plates between your plates for an extra layer of padding. Nobody has time for broken plates.

*Carpet Stains: Fill half of an empty spray bottle with hot water and top it off with cleaning ammonia. Spray liberally over carpet stains, Cover the stain with an old rag and use a clothing iron to iron away the stain. Good as new!

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