'TODAY' hosts discuss their body images, insecurities


Monday the 'TODAY' show kicked off a week-long series called 'Love Your Selfie.' During the first segment, the anchors revealed their body-image insecurities before removing their makeup.

Savannah Guthrie revealed she didn't always appreciate being tall and used to drink coffee because she heard it stunted growth. (Didn't work. She's 5'10''!)

Anchor Matt Lauer even said at one point that he had too much hair. He decided to cut it off back when he anchored with Katie Couric.

'Today' Hosts Discuss Their Body Images, Insecurities
'Today' Hosts Discuss Their Body Images, Insecurities

Al Roker brought up something he was self-conscious about, too: His weight. He underwent a gastric bypass surgery in 2002, and according to The Huffington Post, he's lost more than 100 pounds.

He also said when he thinks of beauty today, he thinks of his wife. Awwws.

The hosts also shared things they love about themselves. (Now Guthrie says she likes her height.)

After the segment, all the hosts took off their makeup. Even the guys!

Other viewers were joining in on No-Makeup Monday as well.

As 'TODAY' emphasized, it's time to love your selfie, with or without makeup.