Misstepping marching band gets a second chance

Misstepping Marching Band Gets a Second Chance
Misstepping Marching Band Gets a Second Chance

A high school marching band that took a tumble last autumn got a second chance to prove its talent.

Usually football players are the ones who fumble on the field, but back in September, it was Lake Travis High School's marching band.

'GMA' paired the tripped-up marching band with one of the best directors in the business: Ohio State University's Jonathan Waters.

Before the band's big performance on February 24, the school district's Communications Director said, 'This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase not only the Lake Travis High School band, but the high school and the community as well. We expect a great turnout.'

We're sure the crowd was just as impressed by the band's latest performance as we were. Bravo!

Watch the original 'pileup' below: