Elephant meets another elephant for first time in 30 years

Elephant Meets Another Elephant for First Time in Over 30 Years

Mila the elephant hasn't seen another elephant in more than 30 years. She meets Mary, the two share a gentle embrace, and hearts everywhere melt. The story of their friendship gets even more touching.

Elephant meets another elephant for first time
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Elephant meets another elephant for first time in 30 years

The two African Elephants greeted each other for the first time at the San Diego Zoo. But before this precious moment, 41-year-old Mila led a life of solitude performing in the circus, before being moved to a zoo in New England.

Mila's former keeper wanted her to reunite with other African elephants, but she died when Mila accidentally crushed her. The tragedy sparked $1.5 million in fundraising sent from people who wanted to bring Mila to the San Diego Zoo to live with her species.

Now, she will spend her days hanging out with other African elephants including her new pal Mary.

Zookeepers say Mila was surprised to see something as big as her after being solo for more than three decades, but she's in good hands (or should we say trunks?).

Judging by this video, it's clearly the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Check out the full video of Mila meeting her buddy:
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