When adults feel best about their success, bodies and overall appearances

According to a new survey conducted by AOL & NBC, adults feel most successful at age 34, best about their bodies at age 27 and best about their overall appearances at age 28.

Those are just the averages.

Of the pool surveyed, we were bummed to find that most people currently felt their best days were behind them -- womp womp -- but pleasantly surprised to learn that a very reassuring portion of people felt that all of their bests were happening currently, despite their ages. And isn't that the point people?

A similar survey conducted by Lil-Lets, a British feminine hygiene company, revealed that women in the UK reported feeling sexiest at age 28.

Another pleasant surprise? Americans are generally considered to be slightly more confident than their counterparts across the pond, so that a whopping three quarters of British women wouldn't change their body shape if given the opportunity gave us some serious hope.

The infographic from the Lil-Lets study:

sexiest women study
sexiest women study