North Dakota named happiest state, according to new survey

North Dakota Named Happiest State, According to New Survey
North Dakota Named Happiest State, According to New Survey

Do you live in North Dakota? According to a yearlong Gallup survey (which interviewed more than 176,000 people from all 50 states last year) chances are you're happier than the rest of us. "Fox & Friends" explains why.

'North Dakota is now America's happiest state. The unhappiest state is West Virginia. The rankings [were] based on work environments, health and access to food and water.'

And North Dakota wasn't the only Dakota that performed well.

"TODAY" reports South Dakota got the number two spot for happiest state in the country. Interestingly, both states beat out last year's winner - Hawaii.

WTVT points out Hawaii dropped all the way to eighth place this year. Some states that performed better include Nebraska, Minnesota and Montana, which round out the top five.

Enough about all those happy states. What about the unhappiest states? As you heard earlier, West Virginia took on that unfortunate title.

And according to Time, others in the bottom five include Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama and Ohio. Those states all have some of the lowest life expectancies nationwide along with some of the lowest median household incomes.

We don't know about you, but it looks like we'll have to visit North Dakota sometime soon.