Man lost everything over ... a Twix bar

Iowa Man Fired After Allegedly Using Forklift To Get Candy Bar
An Iowa man who recently lost his job, his house and his girlfriend over a forklift incident is chewing it over with Twix ... literally.

Robert McKevitt says an attempt to get a simple candy bar ended up being quite the catastrophe.

McKevitt says he put a buck in a vending machine at the Polaris Industries' plant where he worked as a forklift operator. The Twix he wanted got stuck, so he put in ANOTHER dollar, but nothing happened.

McKevitt allegedly then commandeered his handy dandy forklift and picked the machine up multiple times, then dropped it from 2 feet off the ground.

The former vet says the Twix came out, but he was still upset over the vending machine taking his extra dollar. Upon moving the machine back, a supervisor showed up and didn't like what he saw.

A few days later, McKevitt lost his job over misconduct and CNN reports the financial stress ended his relationship with his girlfriend and caused him to move in with his brother. A judge has also denied his claim for unemployment benefits.

McKevitt says he's now working at Walmart.
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