Can your cat's behavior predict the weather?

4 Ways Your Cat's Behavior May Predict the Weather
4 Ways Your Cat's Behavior May Predict the Weather

Forget meteorologists and those useless weather apps; want to know what's happening with the weather? Check your cat.

Before the age of the Weather Channel and the Internet, Army First Lieutenant HHC Dunwoody wrote an 1883 book commissioned by the War Department called 'Weather Proverbs,' which included a list of widely believed cat behaviors that allegedly predicted the weather.

If a cat sneezes, grab your umbrella. We know you really want to grab your camera, but according to Dunwoody, a cat sneeze means rain. When cats lie on their backs with their mouths turned up, a storm is apparently coming ... so resist that temptation to rub the cat's belly, because you're going to need all your fingers to shovel the driveway.

A snoring cat means foul weather --- made even more foul when you're not able to get any sleep over that noise. And number four, if a cat is washing its face with its back to the fire, that means a thaw is coming.

Is your cat the next Al Roker, or was Dunwoody full of it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.