Bank robber has streak of bad luck

WATCH: Bank Robber Has Streak of Bad Luck
WATCH: Bank Robber Has Streak of Bad Luck

Robbing a bank is a bad idea in the first place, but if someone thinks it's worth risking years of freedom, they should at least be prepared, right? The "TODAY" show says one robber in Maryland clearly wasn't.

'The suspect was trying to leave when he dropped bags of cash all over the floor. So he tried frantically to pick up all the money and then decided to use an open umbrella as a better way to get the cash out of the bank.'

It was a creative solution, but things just continued to get worse for the robber, whom police say they've identified as Robert Williams.

'When police arrived, they saw Williams drive away. They followed him all the way to Howard County. Police say he got out of the car and tried to run, but he slipped on a patch of ice,' WRC-TV reports.

Now, Williams is being called the world's "clumsiest bank robber" after the series of mishaps.

Police say Williams tried to steal more than $20,000. He now faces charges of robbery and numerous traffic offenses.