Alligator pops out of sewers, terrifies residents

Turns Out Alligators Do Pop Out of Sewers
Turns Out Alligators Do Pop Out of Sewers

As "Good Morning America" reports, it turns out alligators actually DO pop out of sewers. Yikes!

"This guy ... right here, that's right. Look at that. Spotted at a country club in Sarasota, Florida. Maintenance workers say the gator is nine feet long," "GMA" reported.

WWSB reports the gator is still prowling free.

"As you can see, he's moving back in the pipe and the Meadow security says it's not unusual that these gators are moving through these pipes. There's a large retention pond right down the street."

As you can imagine, residents aren't too comfortable with the reptile being in their neck of the woods. Resident Daniel Healy said we should all think of what would happen if you were in the area with your grandchildren or your dog.

Apparently, the gator is retreating further into the drain.

Crews have been monitoring the storm drain and were working on a plan of action Friday morning.