San Antonio fire department's very unusual rescue

WATCH: San Antonio Firefighters Make Un-BULL-Ievable Rescue
WATCH: San Antonio Firefighters Make Un-BULL-Ievable Rescue

Talk about an un-BULL-ievable rescue ...

It was early morning when residents in the area first spotted about half a dozen bulls roaming around.

Eventually, one found its way into the backyard of a neighbor and fell into a pool.

What happened next? The San Antonio fire department received a very unusual call for help.

Allegedly, it took more than just manpower to pull the bull out of the water. The rescue team had to use a series of pulleys and haul systems to get the animal to safety.

Take a look at this photo posted by the San Antonio Fire Department. Fire crews say this type of rescue was a first for them.

'I've never pulled a bull out of a pool. I've pulled a couple of donkeys out of a well,' one officer told local media.

Thankfully, the bull wasn't injured during the ordeal.

No word yet on how the cows got loose in the first place. Animal Care Services says the owner of the livestock did receive multiple citations.