New details emerge on the kidnapping of 10-year-old Hailey Owens

Witness Chased Hailey Owens' Kidnapper in Car
Witness Chased Hailey Owens' Kidnapper in Car

While walking home from school on Feb. 18, Hailey Owens was abducted by a 45-year-old elementary school athletic coach Craig Wood who pulled up next to her and asked her for directions.

Now, new information has surfaced about the events leading up to and during the abduction.

According to KSDK, a witness, Ricky Riggins, saw the little girl being abducted as well as his neighbors' attempts to stop the kidnapping.

Riggins said his neighbors were ' ... yelling at the girl, telling her to get away from the truck.' He said they yelled 'Don't go over there, don't go over there,' and then to Wood, 'let her go, let her go.'

Riggins said that Wood then opened his car door and said to the girl, 'Hey, come here,' at which point he 'grabbed her.'

As KOLR reports, the rescue efforts didn't stop there.

Riggins was sitting in his car when he heard his neighbors screaming. 'My neighbor said 'he took her, he took her,' so I got in my car and drove down the street to see if I could catch up to them.'

Unfortunately, Riggins said '[Wood] had quite a jump on me,' and wasn't able to track him down.

'I'm very sorry, I tried my hardest to try to keep up with the guy to see what he was doing, but I just wasn't able to,' he told KOLR.

But Hailey's neighbors were able to give police one key piece of information: a license plate number, which led police to 45-year-old Craig Wood, who is a teacher's aid and coach at a local school.

Although police were able to locate Wood within about 3 hours, they didn't get there fast enough.

Police in Springfield, Missouri, say they found Hailey's body at the home of Craig Michael Wood.

Wood has been charged with first degree murder and kidnapping.

A Facebook page has been created in Hailey's honor. It asks people to turn on their porch lights in remembrance of the girl, and so far, more than 150,000 have pledged to participate.

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