Plow throws snow and ice through windows of restaurant

Plow Throws Snow and Ice Through Windows of Restaurant
Plow Throws Snow and Ice Through Windows of Restaurant

One of the last places you might expect to see snow is INSIDE a restaurant. "Fox & Friends" explains how one driver ended up making that happen last Thursday.

'The moment when a speeding snow plow slams a mountain of snow into that New York City restaurant. The impact shattering windows - it hurt customers and caused $50,000 worth of damages.'

According to the Daily Mail, the nightmare occurred at Exo Cafe in Queens, New York.

WNBC reports workers inside the restaurant said the impact was so loud they thought a bomb had actually gone off. The restaurant's manager told the station about the incident.

'The vestibule was about five feet out here, and it just came in, hit this, knocked these people off. I appreciate everything that the sanitation department does, but this was pure negligence.'

WCBS notes the operators of the plow that allegedly threw all that snow, ice and even a garbage can are facing "disciplinary action" for what happened. Four people were sent to the hospital after being injured by the impact, but, fortunately, no one was killed.

'Had anyone been standing out front reading Exo's outdoor menu, managers fear this terrifying surveillance video would have ended with a fatality.'

According to WCBS, no charges have been filed so far.