Kit Kat named 'Most Influential Candy Bar'

Kit Kat Is Most Influential Candy Bar Of All Time

The Hershey Bar may be the most iconic chocolate bar, but it isn't the most influential. Time Magazine ranked the most influential candy bars of all time and the Kit Kat bar was named number one, with Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar at number two, and Toblerone rounding out the top three.

The candy experts and historians that composed the list note that the Kit Kat was the first candy bar that was marketed around sharing. They also say that Kit Kat paved the way for future 'blockbuster bars' like Snickers and Butterfingers.

If you don't believe that Kit Kat is the most influential, keep in mind Google announced its next Android operating system would be named 'Kit Kat' ... though we doubt Google will be breaking off a piece of that revenue stream.
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