Fun Facebook secrets you need to see

Facebook Secrets You Need to See
Facebook Secrets You Need to See

Facebook's been around for a decade, but that old dog still has tons of tricks.

Emoji yourself: If you take your username and type it between double brackets, it will send your profile pic like an emoji. That adds a little personal spice to a message! Note: This doesn't work on mobile.

Randos: Search for "randos at _________," and you'll find people who work at your company who aren't your friends.

Putnam: Type ":Putnam:", and you'll get an emoji of Chris Putnam. (He was an engineer at Facebook.)

The Other Folder: In messages you have an "other" folder. It's full of messages from people you aren't friends with. It might have some spam, but it probably also has some important unread messages in it.

Buying Conversation: You can message some people you aren't friends with by paying a variable amount of money.

Pirate English: You can change the language to pirate English. There's also upside down English.

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