'Stampede' on Rabbit Island is cutest stampede ever

Bunny Stampede Chases Tourist on 'Rabbit Island'
Bunny Stampede Chases Tourist on 'Rabbit Island'

This bunny 'stampede' might just be the least frightening stampede ever.

A tourist was chased down by a stampede of wild bunnies after she offered them some food on an island off of Japan nicknamed 'Rabbit Island.'

That could have been a hare -y situation, but the tourist seemed to be enjoying herself and the people of the Internet sure are.

The island off of Inland Japan spans about 2.5 miles and is frequented by tourists, like the one seen in the video, eager to pet and feed the bunnies. Here's WTXF with how the island got its nickname:

'During World War II, 8 rabbits were brought in to the island to test for mustard gas, so they could smell it and then they die.'

Daily Mail reports that because of the warfare nature of the testing, the island was left off of maps from 1929 to 1945. The factories producing the lethal gas were also kept secret.

Today the island is home to 300 cute, fluffy (and apparently hungry) bunnies.