Penn. National Guard soldier donates kidney to comrade

Penn. National Guard Soldier Donates Kidney to Comrade
Penn. National Guard Soldier Donates Kidney to Comrade

American soldiers are often called upon to be heroes.

According to Fox and Friends, one Pennsylvanian National Guard member is taking that call a step further by donating one of his kidneys to a fellow soldier.

"Sgt. Daniel Famous was diagnosed with kidney disease," Fox and Friends reported. "In 2012, his health took a drastic turn, and Sgt. Joseph Love came to the rescue."

Famous was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease 20 years ago, but now he needs a new kidney to avoid dialysis. Turns out, Love is a perfect match.

According to the National Guard, Love is only doing what he knows best, following the army medics' creed "so that others may live." Love said when he found out his supervisor, Famous, wouldn't be able to deploy with the group, he had to do something.

After 5 months of rigorous testing, Love found out he could donate one of his kidneys to Famous.

The two will undergo surgery Tuesday morning. If all goes as planned, Love and Famous will recover in four to six weeks.