Miracle baby born after mom advised to have abortion

Miracle Baby Born After Mom Advised To Have Abortion
Miracle Baby Born After Mom Advised To Have Abortion

A mother who was told to abort her baby because it would only have a 10% chance of living went against doctors advice and couldn't be happier.

Doctors warned 30-year-old Rachel Collins that her son, Alfie, had a very slim chance of survival when she was just 20 weeks pregnant because she wasn't producing enough amniotic fluid. They also said that if he did live, he would be born without kidneys or working lungs, but she decided to carry on with the pregnancy.

Ten weeks later, Alfie was born by emergency C-section without any health problems. Collins told Caters News Agency he was a little miracle. "He came out screaming – he defied them all...It was a nightmare pregnancy but every day he was hanging on was a blessing," she said.

She and her partner, Tyler O'Driscoll, had tried to have a child for years and when she found out she was pregnant with Alfie last April, she began keeping a day-to-day diary, detailing every good and bad moment. Now, she's overjoyed to be able to give that diary to Alfie someday.

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