Cop's rookie mistake caught on tape

Caught-on-Video: Cop Makes Rookie Mistake
Caught-on-Video: Cop Makes Rookie Mistake

A man was pulled over for going around a safety bar warning of an approaching train, but as "Fox & Friends" reports, he was let off with a warning because of the police officer's rookie mistake.

Apparently the officer's car slipped out of gear and rolled right into the truck.

The video was posted to LiveLeak on February 16th and already has more than 200,000 views. You can see officers checking whether there's any damage to the truck, too.

The damage seemed to be minimal, and the officer let the man off with a warning. While we're sure the cop's ego is a little bruised, we hope he takes this tip fromPolice Magazine:

'Mistakes will be made. Mistakes should be made. ... You need to accept mistakes, learn from them, and move on.'

No word on who the officer is or where the incident took place.