Doctors find 44-year-old fetus inside 84-year-old woman

44-Year-Old Fetus Found In Elderly Woman
44-Year-Old Fetus Found In Elderly Woman

A bizarre discovery at a hospital in Brazil: Doctors found a 44-year-old fetus inside an 84-year-old woman.

The woman went to the hospital complaining of severe stomach pains and dizziness. X-rays taken revealed she was carrying what is known as a "stone baby" that had calcified in her gut more than 40 years ago.

This phenomenon happens when a fetus dies outside of the uterus and the body then covers it in calcium as a means of protection. According to the Sao Paolo Medical Journal, there have only been about 300 cases of "stone babies" reported world wide since the late 16th century.

The woman explained she had been pregnant decades ago, but said she lost the baby after suffering pain. She said she assumed it had been aborted when her stomach stopped growing and she couldn't feel the baby move anymore. Doctors believe this woman's baby died around 20 to 28 weeks into the pregnancy.

And last December, another elderly woman in Colombia discovered a calcified baby in her abdomen. It was 40 years old and doctors removed it upon discovery.

Doctors have not removed the latest stone baby, though. Despite the elderly woman's health complications, she says she does not want the fetus removed. Doctors say they will keep a close eye on her health.