Alex Pettyfer gets candid about the re-making of 'Endless Love'

Alex Pettyfer Gets Candid About the Re-Making of 'Endless Love'
Alex Pettyfer Gets Candid About the Re-Making of 'Endless Love'

If love wasn't already on the mind coming out of this Valentine's Day weekend, Alex Pettyfer's new film, "Endless Love," will certainly have you thinking about Cupid and his golden arrows. The film, a re-make of the 1981 romantic drama of the same title, centers on the fiery love between teenagers David Elliot (played by Pettyfer) and Jade Butterfield (played by Gabriella Wilde). When the teenagers' sizzling romance faces opposition from Jade's parents, their idyllic lives take a dramatic turn.

Alex Pettyfer sat down with and opened up about the making of the film. The young actor revealed that playing the role of David 'came easy' thanks in part to his 'lovely' co-star Gabriella. 'She's such a lovely person. We had a month of preparation before and just built trust, and built a friendship so we could work together' reveals Pettyfer.

Inspiration onset was also never on short supply for the young actor. "One of my favorite scenes in the film is me [sic] and Bruce Greenwood talking about relationships. My character turns around and says 'Well, I personally think that love is the most important thing,' and I think that's a universal message. Love does really come first."

You are allowed to swoon now.

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