Chase away your winter blues with 10 spring perfumes

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Spring Perfumes
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Chase away your winter blues with 10 spring perfumes
Bishop's native Hawaiian jasmine, dubbed the "flower of love," inspired this white floral scent that rolls on from a slender applicator, which makes it so purse-friendly. Aloha instantly comes to mind after one inhale of the sweet, musky floral scent.
The green isle of Capri, ripe with citrus trees and sun-filled rocky beaches, literally smells of the beach and lemons. This scent, from a perfumery based on the island, is that wondrous, lemony air bottled up.
Salty, sunscreeny, and with a hint of mandarin, this classic, clean scent instantly transports you to the boardwalk. Listen close and you'll hear the gentle crush of waves.
Like a lighweight cupcake in scent form, this sweet, citrusy fragrance conjures a lemon pound cake fresh from the oven on a warm, sunny day.
While not technically a fragrance, this body oil is infused with Manoi de Tahiti oil--a heady combo of Tahitian gardenia and coconut extract, which results in a sexy, beachy scent. Added bonus: it'll leave your skin beautifully glowy and moisturized. It's the perfect winter skin treat.
A fresher spin on the oh-so-springy Daisy, this fruitier concoction adds notes of grapefruit, pear, violet and apple blossom, creating a lightweight veil of sweetness that's cut just a bit with the addition of musk. Just looking at the bottle on your vanity is enough to chase winter blues away.
Imagine laying in a wooded grove surrounded by lush bluebell blossoms. That's what this earthy cologne from fragrance master Jo Malone evokes--early spring, new growth and delicate florals. So delicious.
The ultimate white flower scent, this cult favorite is laden with heavy gardenia and just a touch of spice.
Sweet roses touched with bergamot and magnolia accords become a lush, bountiful scent in this new eau de toilette spray. Perfect for those who love a great, full fragrance with a sweeping bouquet.
Another take on a rose-centered scent, this new fragrance from Balenciaga features a suite of grassy notes including fig leaf, as well as white amber, which adds a depth that counterpoints the sweetness of rose.
I have very strong ideas about fragrances and seasons. I'll never spritz Lolita Lempicka, a spicy blend of cherries, violet, and ivy, before Thanksgiving, as it's too heavy in the air in summer months. Missoni's first fragrance, a deep chocolately wonder, is perfect at Christmas, and CB I Hate Perfume's Winter 1972 is, you guessed it, my scent of choice when there's snow on the ground.

During warm weather months I get lighter and more citrusy, with Bobbi Brown's Beach being a standby for the months of June, July and August. This polar vortex, however, has me seriously yearning for warmer temps and the glories of lightweight dresses and fresh, clean scents. Just yesterday I dug around until I found my vial of Leilani Bishop's Lilac perfume oil, which literally conjures that first, heady whiff of lilacs at the farmer's market in spring. I needed a lively jolt, and it seriously hit the spot. I may be confusing my brain a bit, but my nose is so happy to pretend the calender has flipped a few pages ahead.

If you'd also like to summon a bit of spring with a spritz, flip through the slideshow above for a few favorite warm-weather fragrances that are as good as bottled sunshine.

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