The best alternatives to Flappy Bird

Best Alternatives to Flappy Bird
Best Alternatives to Flappy Bird

The popular mobile app Flappy Bird was deleted from app stores everywhere, but it still works for anyone who downloaded it before it flew the coop on Sunday the 9th.

If you never got a chance to download it -- or if you're just bored to death of those darn birds -- there are tons of alternatives.

If you're looking for a new mobile gaming experience (and don't want to drop a hundred grand on a phone that comes with Flapp Bird), you can always try Flappy Bert.

Using the character from 'Sesame Street,' this knockoff manages to embrace the difficult yet minimalist spirit of the fallen app.

If the streets of Sesame weren't your thing growing up, give Splashy Fish a whirl. Unfortunately, it's not yet available for Android devices.

There's also Fly Birdie, City Bird, Flappy Flyer, Clumsy Bird , Flappy Bee and Flappy Plane .

All of these games are completely different ... in that they are all exactly the same.

Which (if any) do you love?