Your left side is more than likely your best side

Your Left Side Is More Than Likely Your Best Side
Your Left Side Is More Than Likely Your Best Side

In this selfie-culture we're living in, you've probably tried to figure out which side is your best side. Apparently, science has the answer -- and it's your left side.

'Science writer Sam Kean says it's because we believe the left side is more attractive and expressive,' 'GMA' reports.

As Daily Mail reports, recent studies have shown 60 percent of portraits since the 14th century show the subjects from the left, and 90 percet of paintings of Jesus show his left side.

Kean told The Atlantic he believes it's because the right half of the brain deals more with emotions than the left.

'Right side of your brain controls the left part of your body. The left side of your face is generally more expressive.'

It doesn't just happen in portraits and Jesus paintings, but also in places like your high school yearbook.

MSN reports it seems Kim K and J Biebs have caught on, noting a lot of celeb portraits look similar because they're taken from the left side, or the 'good' side.

In short, your left side is perfect for selfies. Save your right side for poker.