Wisconsin man "banned from Internet" after Craigslist prank

A Wisconsin man has been "banned from the Internet" by a judge after he posted a fake Craigslist ad inviting men over to his neighbor's house for sex.

"That's the punishment for 31-year-old Jason Willis of Waterford for ... urging strangers to show up at his neighbors house for sex. Apparently several people showed up at the woman's doorstep, one person reportedly wearing just a coat and nothing else," WDJT reports.

Willis claims the posts were a prank, although Uproxx notes the Craigslist ads contained dangerous personal information: "his neighbor's full name, address, and even pictures."

His neighbor, whom WISN identified only as "Dawn," said Willis' prank still haunts her.

"It's been about a year and a half, but I'm still nervous as to who is coming to my door, why they are coming to my door."

Willis has been sentenced to 30 months on probation, and must remain disconnected from the Internet during that time or face 18 months in prison. The judge called Willis' actions: "unconscionable," saying: "You were mean to your neighbor. In the worst possible way. Without any benefit,' the Journal Times reports.

The judge later told WTMJ Willis used the Web like a weapon, and the Internet ban is meant to disarm him.

"If you want to drive drunk, you're not allowed to drive! To me, a public availability of the internet, to use it the way he did, is unconscionable. Everybody knows it's wrong. He knew it was wrong. He admitted it."

Willis has 30 days to disconnect his Internet before the ban kicks in.