Mike Conneen, TV news reporter in D.C., pelted with snowballs during live segment



NewsChannel 8 TV reporter Mike Conneen was in the middle of a live news segment from Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C., on Thursday when he suddenly found himself being pelted by snowballs thrown by a bunch of kids who'd gathered in the park. Conneen was reporting on a snow sculpture contest that was being held in the park in the midst of the monstrous Nor'easter that marched up the East Coast on Wednesday into Thursday -- and had dropped as much as 12 inches of snow in the nation's capital by midday Thursday.

Getty photographer Chip Somodevilla happened to be in the park and captured still photos of the scene. As Conneen began his live shot, he challenged snowball hurlers, shouting 'Is that all you got!?' Eventually, though, he came under heavy fire from the jeering children, who looked to be no more than 10 years old, and took some direct hits to the head.

His anchors back in the studio laughed and mocked him a little, but Conneen pressed on with his live report, like a true professional. He even managed to deftly block some incoming snowballs with his free hand that were on course for a direct hit to the face.

Watch the video of the snowball attack in Dupont Park here. And if you're wondering how Conneen is doing after his tough day on the job, he posted on his Twitter feed that he feels 'like a wet noodle.'