Long-lost siblings unknowingly met at Walmart

Long-Lost Siblings Unknowingly Meet At Walmart
Long-Lost Siblings Unknowingly Meet At Walmart

Five siblings who were separated at birth were finally reunited after 50 years. But get this - two of the siblings had been crossing paths for years, completely unaware of their connection.

Buddine Bullinger has worked at a Walmart in North Dakota for 25 years. After finding out her biological mother passed away, she found out she had a sister, Deidre Handtmann.

She eventually met with her and then the two started wondering if they had any other siblings. After some digging, they discovered that they indeed had two brothers and a sister. Deidre was the first to meet with one of their brothers, John Maixner - and what they realized was shocking.

She showed John a picture of Buddine and says his jaw immediately dropped. John was a frequent customer at the same Walmart where Buddine worked and said she had greeted him countless times. He told CNN,"I couldn't believe it. All I could say was, 'I know this lady. I've seen her for years at the WalMart.'"

Bullinger was just as stunned to find out she had been greeting her brother for so many years. The three met with their other two siblings last year. Now, they all talk on the phone every week and John and Buddine even spent the holidays together.