Husband gets a 'man camo' makeover

A Man Camo Makeover from Clinton 'Cupid' Kelly
A Man Camo Makeover from Clinton 'Cupid' Kelly

For Valentine's Day, Susan didn't want diamonds or chocolates: she just wanted her husband to ditch his camo.

Mark is an avid deer and duck hunter and self-described 'weekend warrior' who wears mix-matched camo all the time, head to toe, even when he isn't hunting ... and even in bed.

He now has enough pieces to fill four large storage containers. His wife, Susan, has had enough of the constant stares and comments whenever they go out in public, and she thinks Clinton Kelly is just the man to get Mark out of his camo once and for all.

'If you see this guy outside your house, you get a little nervous,' Clinton joked.

He looks like he's dropped a solid 40 lbs. when he ditches his camo suit, and his wife can't believe how hip and handsome her 'big boy' is now.

Though Mark's look isn't going to keep him camouflaged in the wild, it's not a far cry from the colors he feels most comfortable in.

Happy Valentine's Day, Susan ... and happy 'You Look Fabulous Day,' Mark!

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