Woman goes to extremes to find mystery man

Woman Going to Extremes to Find Mystery Man

While riding the subway back in November, Maria Vila, an artist from Chile, fell in love.

Well, technically she fell in love with a stranger's face ... but it was still a very profound moment for her.

'I said, 'He's so beautiful. I want to connect with him.'' Before they could 'connect,' he got lost in the crowd.

Most people would have moved on, but Maria isn't giving up. 'I lost him and I was like 'Oh my God. I'm in New York," she said. 'It's now or never and I said I'm going to go looking for him and I will find him, and I'm going to do this artist project.'


In what she calls 'action art,' Maria printed 300 posters with his description and a story about that fateful day. She's posting the signs at numerous stops across New York City. They're modeled after the signs that the MTA hangs to alert riders to changes on different lines.

'A lot of friends tell me 'you're crazy! It's weird for me.' I said 'no! It's totally romantic!'


The guy in the sketch looks a bit like Johnny Depp in 'Willy Wonka,' but Maria doesn't mind. She's immune to anyone who wants to make fun of her, and she stands by her project.

She thinks she's missing out on love ... and she won't stop until she finds it.

Do you recognize this man? If you spot him, log on to Instagram or Twitter and use the #missinglove hashtag.

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